July 10, 2020
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GeoHistory Tours are enjoyable, rewarding and educational. Travelling to Western Canada, Southern Alberta or British Columbia for a vacation or holiday? Touring Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Kootenay National Park or Yoho National Park and looking for a unique sightseeing activity or sightseeing activities that will create memories for a lifetime? Experience a GeoHistory Tour, wilderness hike or field trip. GeoHistory Inc. specializes in exclusive small group tours and large group events. We would be more than happy to accommodate your request for a single or multiday sightseeing tour in or throughout Southern Alberta, the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia. You will find a sampling of some of our sightseeing and hiking tours below the photo. Select a tour by clicking on the tour name:

Designed by a Professional Geologist, Professional Engineer and historian, all GeoHistory Tours, hikes and field trips are packed with educational information about the natural / cultural history and heritage of the area you are touring. Learn about the Canadian Rockies, about the mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers - how they were formed and molded. Learn about the human history of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, from ancient times through to the establishment of Banff National Park and the modern settlement of the area. Curious about the global warming debate, area industrialization, climate, environmental and conservation matters? All GeoHistory Tours address one or more of these topics while touring through the finest sightseeing scenery on the planet. From mountain roadside to alpine meadow and points in between, GeoHistory Tours reveal the past, present and future of Southern Alberta, British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies.

Wanting to get away from the tourist traffic? Then join GeoHistory Inc. for one of our many wilderness day hikes in and around Banff, Jasper, Waterton, and in Yoho and Kootenay National Parks. Our hiking tours range from moderate in effort to "extreme" ( as is the case with our Burgess Shale Fossils Hiking Tour ) depending on your physical conditioning and sightseeing / tour requirements.

Looking for a spectacular mountain sightseeing tour in a breathtaking wilderness setting with an abundance of wildlife? Then take a GeoHistory Tour to Waterton Lakes National Park, where wildlife is always available for viewing.

Please contact us at info@geohistorytours.com if you would like to find out more about our tours or if you would like us to design a specialized sightseeing tour, field trip or wilderness hike for your visit to Western Canada.

All tour prices are in Canadian Dollars and include transportation, transportation fees, facility fees, beverages, and lunch and/or dinner where applicable.

On the weather: The weather in the Canadian Rockies, Southern Alberta and British Columbia can be beautiful and, in a matter of hours, it can get ugly. Be sure to bring a hat, sun glasses, sun screen and a day pack complete with some warm weather clothing, wind jacket and rain gear. Good footing with non slip soles are essential. Remember your camera and/or videocam!!!

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